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2012 Fastener Market Analysis

Date:2013-9-30 09:11
2012 import and export of fasteners are showing some fluctuations , a downward trend of industrial development , the economic crisis, the orders from major export markets have experienced a certain slowdown . 2012 , for the fastener industry, it is rather challenging year. Foreign markets due to the global economic downturn , the impact of the debt crisis in Europe sales decreased over the same period , the domestic market due to sluggish domestic demand , rising costs , competitive pressures increase, shortage of capital chain blocked. Internal and external lead to business orders fell , falling profits , many medium and large enterprise development fasteners frustrated , individual enterprises and even small fasteners downtime . China General Machine Components statistics show that in 2012 a negative growth in the fastener industry , down about 1.5% , mainly due to lack of market demand , especially in face of the international fasteners anti-dumping , the downward trend in export sales . Meanwhile, the author found that by integrating customs data , 2012 China fasteners decline in both import and export volume : export volume of 2,464,100 tons , exports 4.516 billion U.S. dollars , decreased by 4.8% and 2.4% ; fastener imports 252,400 tons , while imports amounted to 2.892 billion U.S. dollars , decreased by 4.7% and 2.2% . The EU is China 's major export markets fasteners , accounting for about one-third of total exports . In recent years, the European debt crisis, the EU shrinking market demand , China's export growth slowed to the EU , the EU accounted for the proportion of China's exports declined . In 2012 China fastener exports market chart ( by weight ) , the EU only three countries in the top 20 , are Germany ( No. 9 ) , the United Kingdom ( No. 18 ) and Italy ( No. 19 ) , exports were 65,500 tons , 37,500

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