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Negative growth in the fastener industry in transition need to deal with anti-dumping

Date:2013-9-30 09:11
After suffering multiple trade remedy baptism, the development of the domestic fastener manufacturing industry into the trough. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce released statistics show a continuous double-digit growth in the years after 2012, the Chinese fastener industry of negative growth, down 1.5 percent. Experienced multi-national anti-dumping baptism Currently, the global demand for fastening castings mainly in North America, Western Europe and Asia three major markets, its annual demand were more than $ 10 billion, is the domestic fastener major export markets. In recent years, the rapid development of China's fastener industry, and related products exports continue to grow. However, the huge volume of exports but also allow enterprises came to a pretext for unfair competition. China University of Politics and international trade law expert Wu Changhai in the "China Trade News" reporter, said that under normal circumstances, the greater the volume of exports of a product, he instituted the possibility of anti-dumping proceedings greater. January 2009, the European Union on Chinese steel fasteners (except stainless steel) from 26.5 to 85% levy anti-dumping duties. In July, the Chinese side on the EU's anti-dumping measures fasteners start WTO dispute settlement procedures. July 2011, WTO final ruling with the EU on Chinese fasteners trade dispute case. Not only is the European Union, the United States launched an attack to a small fasteners. September 2009, the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. International Trade Commission determined that imports from China fastener products Mention "double reverse" survey. United States presented evidence to show that, from the

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